V.I.T.E | Hexasis


A prototype First Person Shooter
made by Gjorgdy, Tjoerd and Hasper

Created as final project for middle school using Unreal Engine 4


W S Move forward and backwards
A D Move left and right
Space Jump (twice for a double jump)
Move mouse ⠀ Look around
Left-click Shoot
Scroll Switch weapon (if 2nd weapon has been acquired)
Escape Pause game


- The Desert Eagle can tip over barrels, the laser gun disintegrates them
- Only the Desert Eagle can destroy glass, lasers get reflected
- You have to walk into the laser gun to acquire it

How to start the game

1. Download the zip file by pressing the download button
2. Right-click the zip file and select 'extract all'
3. Open the newly created folder and run 'VITE.exe'

Download r1.1.0

Download r1.0.0 (only Dutch)
Download b0.1.0 (alpha)